Agricultural Asphalt

Asphalt Solution For The Farming Industry

VIASHIELD Agricultural Asphalt
Agricultural Asphalt

Based on hot rolled asphalt, the dense impermeable structure of VIASHIELD® makes it ideal for the wide range of applications seen within the farm environment, such as: Farm Yards – resisting chemical attack from effluent whilst still providing a durable surface for farm machinery.Silage Clamps – often one of the most aggressive environments within this industry, VIASHIELD® can withstand both high temperatures and chemical attack.

Farm Asphalt

Livestock Housing – VIASHIELD® offers an impermeable surface with excellent insulation characteristics thus providing a clean and pleasant environment for farm animals. The product is also less abrasive to animal’s feet in comparison to other materials. Animal Feed Storage Areas – VIASHIELD® provides a clean, non contaminated surface for storage of bulk animal feed. Farm Tracks – Suitable for all types of farm track and access roads.The smooth homogenous surface provided by VIASHIELD® allows for ease of cleaning resulting in low maintenance when compared to other types of material.

Benefits & Applications


  • Dense & Impermeable - This dense, impermeable asphalt is ideal for farm applications
  • Acid Resistant - Viashield agricultural asphalt is acid resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant - It's toughness makes it ideal to resist wear and tear
  • Easily Maintained - Viashield farm asphalt is very easy to maintain and clean
  • Smooth - Viashield offers a smooth, uniform finish
  • Clean - Improved cleanliness due to it's resistive, tough properties

Benefits & Applications

VIASHIELD Applications

  • Silage Blocks
  • Silo Bases
  • Feed Storage Floors
  • Farm Paving & Roads
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