VIAPATH Asphalt For Cycle Lanes & Footpaths

Asphalt For Paving & Cycle Tracks


In today’s uncertain and ever-changing world, the development of cycle and footpaths is critical, as we all adapt to the new norms and ways of commuting. 

With the government’s ambition to develop fast pop-up solutions, conventional multiple-layer reconstruction methods will lead to prolonged closures and unnecessary delays. Utilising the latest in asphalt additive technology, VIAPATH® has been designed to replace surface, regulating or binder courses in a single pass. 


VIAPATH Benefits

  • Fast Laying - Rapid replacement of surface and binder course layers with single layer construction
  • Cost Effective - Lower jobsite costs through labour and material savings
  • Health & Safety - Safer working with fewer operatives allowing social distancing
  • Limited disruption to road users, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Ecofriendly - Reduced carbon footprint through reduced on-site fuel usage during the paving process
  • Sustainable development with the use of crumb rubber during the manufacturing process

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VIAPATH® can be laid between 25mm and 70mm thick, eliminating the need for multi-layer surfacing which can be both costly and time-consuming. In addition, damage to underlying layers can lead to further delays and spiraling costs.

Our single layer solution also addresses a common cause of potholes caused by traditional pavement and path construction. Typically, a horizontal joint would be required between the binder course and surface course layers which presents an inherent risk to the ingress of water. With VIAPATH® this joint is eliminated thus improving the overall structural durability of the pavement.

Ease of placement and compaction when compared with traditional asphalt grades means a reduction in voids, improved strength, making this a highly durable solution. Easier installation, coupled with reduced labour due to single layer construction, will help contractors in ensuring social distancing and safer places of work.

VIAPATH® provides a carbon footprint reduction for a project by requiring less fuel use during the paving operation, less tack coat/bond coat and lower on-site wastage. And through the use of crumb rubber in the manufacturing process, VIAPATH® is a smart solution for sustainable development with the reuse of what would have been waste products.

CEMEX’s technical department has a wealth of experience and expertise and is always on-hand to discuss specific requirements with you.

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