VIA Range - Specialist Asphalt

CEMEX’s ‘VIA’ range of Asphalts offer a cost effective, high performance solution for highway and local authorities, housing developers and even home owners looking for a new driveway. Experts at the CEMEX UK National Technical Centre are available to discuss your specific requirements and applications.

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ViaDrive from CEMEX offers a durable, great finish and a tough surface for your driveway or carpark.


VIABASE® is an engineered Asphalt Concrete specifically designed for use in the construction of housing estate roads.


ViaFlow permeable asphalt from CEMEX - designed to help manage surface water and flooding.


Premium single layer solution – developed with speed of construction in mind to support the governments ambitions of fast pop up solutions to help meet the 2030 climate agenda.


Viatex from CEMEX - engineered to meet the high specification requirements of today's ever growing UK road network.


ViaPave from CEMEX - a thin surface course asphalt to meet the demands of modern highways.


ViaFlex from CEMEX offers a highly versatile asphalt to enhance fatigue cracking and deformation - 2 of the most common causes of road failure.


ViaMain from CEMEX - easier to compact than traditional standard asphalt grades, making it the perfect reinstatement solution for roads.


ViaCourt from CEMEX is the optimum asphalt material designed & engineered for the use in high performance sports surfaces.