Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Cement

As a company CEMEX UK embraces the challenges of sustainable development, in striving to be socially, economically and environmentally responsible in everything we do to safeguard the needs of future generations.

Blended CEM II sustainable cement

We are pioneering the use of recycled materials in blended cement production in the UK, and subsequently for end use in concrete.

Factory-produced BS EN 197-1 cements are given the designation 'CEM'.

Cements just using clinker as a main constituent are now known as a 'CEM I'. CEM II is a factory blended Portland composite cement.

CEMEX have designed and trademarked a CEM II logo  to specifically promote sustainable blended cement due to it's importance.

CEM2 is a cementitious product that reduces landfill through re-using Fly Ash, a by-product from coal fired power stations, and reduces CO2 emissions by 25% for each tonne produced.