Rugby Sulfate Cement

Sulfate Cement - Specialist Blend

Rugby Cement
Rugby Sulfate Cement
Rugby Sulfate Cement

Building Research Establishment document Special Digest 1; ‘Concrete in aggressive ground’, recognises that Portland-Fly Ash cement (incorporating at least 25% fly ash) provides enhanced durability when used in concrete placed in aggressive ground conditions.

Special Digest 1 permits CEM II Portland-Fly Ash cement in the same aggressive sulfate ground conditions as Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement, (SRPC), to BS 4027.


Sulfate Cement Features

  • Sulfate-Resisting Portland Cement
  • Grey In Colour
  • High Early Strength
  • Consistent In Quality, Strength And Performance
  • Meets Conformity Criteria In BS EN 197-1
  • Refer To Bre Special Digest (For CEM II/B-V +SR)

Benefits & Applications

Benefits Of Sulfate Cement

  • Improves The Resistance Of Mortar To Sulfates In Brickwork
  • Prevents Rapid Detoriation Of Concrete
  • For Concrete Or Mortar Work Where Sulfates Are Known To Be Present In Soil
  • Ideal For Below Ground Work

More Information

Rugby Sulfate Cement is ideal for a range of applications, including mortar and concrete below damp proof course and is ideally suited for use in concrete and mortar applications where sulfates are present.

Delivery & Storage

Delivered by road in a curtain-sided vehicle, the standard load size is 28 - 30 tonnes. All CEMEX drivers are fully trained and experienced in the safe delivery and unloading of our vehicles, but please do all you can to ensure your site is accessible with no obstructions.

Rugby® Sulfate is available in paper sacks delivered as shrink-hooded, 1.4 tonne modules on non-chargeable pallets. To avoid premature deterioration of the reducing agent incorporated in the cement for control of soluble Chromium (VI), storage should be in accordance with the recommendations given on bags and despatch documents.

Health & Safety

Contact with wet cement, wet concrete or mortar may cause irritation, dermatitis or severe alkali burns. Contact between cement powder and body fluids (eg sweat and eye fluids) may also cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. There is serious risk of damage to the eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of clean water. Keep out of reach of children. Contains chromium (VI), may cause allergic reaction, the risk of which is increased if the cement is used beyond the declared storage period shown on bags and despatch documents.

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