Rugby General Purpose Mortar

Bagged mortar for general construction

Rugby Mortar
Rugby General Use Mortar
Rugby General Purpose Mortar

Not only is this bagged mortar easy to use but a single bag can lay up to 25 bricks at a time.

Rugby General Purpose Mortar conforms to BS EN 998-2 Class M 2.5


Rugby Mortar Benefits

  • Rugby General Purpose Mortar is easy to mix - just add water.
  • 1 bag will produce enough mortar to lay 25 standard house bricks
  • Consistent Mix & Quality
  • Conforms To BE EN 998-2 CLASS M 2.5


Rugby Mortar Applications

  • Brick & Block Laying
  • Rendering & Repointing
  • General Masonry Repairs

More Information

Coverage guide

Approximately 71 x 25kg bags are required to produce 1m3 of mortar.

Approximately 1 x 25kg bags will produce enough mortar to lay 25 standard house bricks.

Approximately 1.25m2 at 10mm thickness when used for rendering.

Storage Conditions and Soluble Chromium (VI)

This product must be stored in unopened bags clear of the ground in cool, dry conditions and protected from excessive draught.

If stored correctly and used within NINE months of the date shown on the front of the packaging, the activity of the reducing agent* will be maintained and this product will contain, when mixed with water, no more than 0.0002% (2ppm) soluble Chromium (VI) of the total dry weight of the cement.

Use of this product after the end of the declared storage period may increase risk of an allergic reaction.

*Added to control the level of soluble Chromium (VI)

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