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Roller Compacted Concrete

What Is Roller Compacted Concrete?

Roller Compacted Concrete

CEM-Pave RCC is simple, fast and economical to install as it doesn’t contain any steel reinforcement, neither does it require formwork or finishing. Significant savings of up to 30% can be achieved over a traditional pavement construction.

The high strength of an RCC pavement eliminates common problems that have traditionally been associated with other pavement types. CEM-Pave RCC is more resistant to rutting, is capable of withstanding heavy concentrated loads and is immune to low or high temperature extremes.

The basic ingredients of CEM-Pave RCC are the same as for conventional concrete: sand, aggregates, cement, and water, however the quantities are different. Mix designs may vary based on the job application. RCC is a zero slump concrete mix that is placed using standard asphalt pavers and compacted with 10 ton rollers similar to the way hot mix asphalt is placed.


RCC Benefits

  • Cost effective - lower installation and maintenance costs than asphalt
  • Rapid Construction - Fastest speed of construction due to paving installed in thicker layers
  • Durable - Long service life with minimal maintenance
  • Hard Wearing & Sustainable - high load carrying ability and supports sustainable development
  • Fast Setting - early strength gain makes it open to light traffic within hours and can be open to heavy traffic within 1 to 2 days
  • Economical solution that doesn't require as much ongoing maintenance as asphalt.


RCC Applications

Where Can Roller Compacted Concrete Be Used?


Roller compacted concrete can be designed to have high flexural, compressive, and shear strengths, which allow it to support heavy, repetitive loads without failure. As a result it can be used in a variety of applications, including port facilities, industrial roads & parks, airport taxiways & hard standing, military applications as well as car parks.

Roller Compacted Concrete - Tilbury docks

60 Second Case Study

CEMEX recently resurfaced an area of the port to be used for container storage, including an indoor area for non-contained goods using CEMPAVE Roller Compacted Concrete - Manufactured using our on-site plant.

Roller Compacted Concrete - NRS Wastecare

60 Second Case Study

NRS Wastecare Roller Compacted Concrete

CEMEX constructed a roller compacted concrete construction and demolition waste slab for a processing plant owned by NRS Wastecare, Meriden, Birmingham.

Roller compacted Concrete - CEM-Pave Pro

60 Second Case Study

Roller Compacted Concrete Video

Find out more about the next evolution of our roller compacted concrete CEMPave Pro product in this short video.

Roller Compacted Concrete Vs Asphalt

Benefits of RCC Over Asphalt

Roller Compacted Concrete

Find out more about the benefits of roller compacted concrete vs asphalt in this useful, easy to understand video guide from CEMEX.

Roller Compacted Concrete Vs Asphalt

Check out our useful infographic to understand the benefits of using roller compacted concrete.

RCC Infographic Link


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