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Rock Armour Benefits

Rock Armour works by absorbing and deflecting the impact of waves before they reach the beach or defended structure. The mass of the material absorbs the impact energy of storm waves, whilst the permeability (gaps between the rocks) slows the flow of water, reducing the erosion effect around structures or on the coastline.  Rock Armour is highly flexible and can be used on anywhere there is potential for water erosion.

  • Cost Effective - Cheaper, eco-friendly & more durable than concrete sea walls
  • Long Lasting - A long lasting, highly durable material that stands up to the fiercest waves
  • Excellent Dissipation - Absorbs wave energy without causing reflection
  • Natural Appearance - Aesthetically better than hard engineering that stands the test of time
  • Strong & Durable - A strong and durable stone perfect for coastal defence
  • Range of Sizes & Weights - The requirements of a particular design & application can be met
  • Range of Rock Type - The aesthetic & physical requirements of a particular design can be met
  • Easy to Install - A relatively quick and easy job to install rock armour


Rock Armour Applications

There are various applications for rock armour - typically these materials are used in revetment applications such as:

  • Coastal Defence - Offers a very natural solution to coastal defences that won't mar the landscape
  • Riverbed / Bank Protection - Blends naturally with river banks, making it a perfect solution to flood protection
  • Bridge Abutments - Acts as a solid, naturally forming sub-structure to reinforce bridges
  • Pilings - A strong, environmentally friendly alternative to metal or artificial pilings
  • Shoreline Structures - Protect your shoreline structures and buildings in an eco-friendly way
  • Sub Marine Structures - Reinforce underwater structures with rip-rap or rock armour
  • Erosion Protection - Significantly reduces the impact of erosion on surrounding structures and shorelines
  • Scour Protection - A more natural way to defend against the erosion scour around offshore structures

Sea Wall Defence Upgrade

Barry, South Wales

Rock Armour For Sea Wall Defence

Working with civil engineering business, John McCarthy, CEMEX installed Limestone Rock Armour along the coast to form a hard defence against the power of the sea and reduce the effect of coastal erosion

Carefully selected material, suitably placed to provide long lasting protection to the link road and Barry Waterfront housing development. The rock armour provides further protection against further serious erosion by dissipating the effect of wave energy.

Rock armour can also used to help protect dunes, cliff faces, shorelines and river embankments.

Erosion Protection

Donniford Bay Holiday Park

Rock Armour For Erosion Protection

Working with contractor, PRL Plant Hire, CEMEX installed Limestone Rock Armour along the coast in front of Doniford Bay Holiday Park to form a hard defence against the power of the sea.

The Holiday Park had been suffering from coastal erosion and flooding, so protection from further damage was necessary so that the local economy continues to benefit from tourism as well as providing long term employment security for staff.

The natural looking solution provides protection to residential properties, holiday homes and businesses protected from flooding, as well as increased safety for employees, residents and tourists during storm periods.

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