Portland Limestone Cement

Cemstone (BS EN 197-1 – CEM Il / A-L 52,5 N)


CEMEX Cemstone® provides benefits in a wide range of concrete, mortar, render, screed and grout applications.
Incorporating finely ground limestone, CEMEX Cemstone® contains lower levels of Portland cement clinker than CEM I alternatives meaning a lower level of carbon intensity but with equivalent levels of technical performance. A small quantity of gypsum is introduced during grinding to control the setting characteristics of the cement.

CEMEX Cemstone® is suitable for use as an alternative to Portland cement in most types of concrete except where aggressive ground conditions demand the use of sulfate resisting cement, when CEMEX Extra® should be specified.


Cemstone Benefits

  • Reduced Risk Of Thermal Cracking - Making it ideal for structures that require high durability
  • Lower effective alkali content - This allows use at higher cement contents for strength and durability
  • Improved environmental footprint
  • Lighter in colour
  • Consistent convenient and cost-effective
  • Improved workability, cohesion & finishing


Cemstone Applications


  • For Use In Self-Compacting Concrete - Ideal for self-compacting concrete due to the inclusion of finely ground limestone
  • Ideal For Aggressive Ground Conditions - Can be used in DC-1 and DC-2 aggressive ground conditions
  • Multiple Uses - Can be used in concrete, mortar, render, screed and grouts.

Concrete Mix

To produce a durable concrete using CEMEX Cemstone, the cement content of the mix must be maintained at an acceptable level. BS 8500; Concrete, Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206-1), gives guidance for using a CEMII/A-L cement in concrete, under various exposure conditions.


Once in place, concrete requires moisture to develop its full strength and premature drying out must be avoided. In normal conditions and at temperatures in excess of 10ºC, concrete should be cured under damp conditions for 1 to 3 days, (cover with curing membrane, plastic sheeting or wet hessian); at temperatures below 10ºC, this curing time should be doubled. Protection against freezing is required until the concrete reaches a compressive strength of 5 MPa.


All normal concrete admixtures (eg plasticisers, air-entrainers, retarders) may be used with CEMEX Cemstone. Trials should, however, be carried out to establish required dosage rates.

A range of admixtures complying with BS EN 934 are also available from CEMEX.


Mixes to resist chemical attack

  • Please refer to the latest version of the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Special Digest 1 or BS8500 Concrete
  • CEMEX Cemstone can be used in the same ground conditions as CEMI (CEMEX Portland), up to Design Chemical Class 2 Sulfate Conditions.
  • In some marine environments an alternative cement to Cemstone may be necessary depending on the exposure conditions.

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