PAV2 Concrete

PAV2 concrete (also known as C35) is used for sustained heavy loads, which makes it an ideal concrete mix for slabbing and heavy-duty paving for use by heavy vehicles, in addition to various commercial and industrial applications.

Like PAV1,  PAV2 uses a specialist air-entrained admixture to aid its resistance to frost - including freeze/thaw action, this makes it suitable for use with de-icing salts where required.



PAV2 Applications

PAV2 Concrete is suitable for a range of intensive applications, including:

  • External paving for heavy goods vehicles, industrial vehicles and heavy-weight machinery

  • External slabbing for industrial and commercial vehicles

  • Reinforced bases for commercial and agricultural buildings

  • Reinforced bases for other light storage areas

Please note - PAV2 is not suitable for powerfloat finishing.


Concrete Strength

28 Day Strength / 40N