Pallet Recovery Service

Find Out More About Pallet Recovery

Find out more about Pallet Recovery

All re-usable pallets go back to CEMEX UK Cement for re-use

Pallets are either re-used or recycled (for those damaged beyond repair)

Cheaper than disposing of pallets in waste skips

Nationwide coverage

Service in line with the principals of the circular economy


Useful Dos & Don'ts


  • Inform us, in advance, of any vehicle or site access restrictions
  • If you can only accommodate rigid vehicles, the maximum quantity that can be loaded is 250 pallets (550 pallets for an articulated vehicle)
  • Load within 1 hour* of our lorry arriving on site (to avoid demurrage charges as per the RHA)
  • Ensure pallets are stacked and ready to be loaded before requesting a collection
  • Load the pallets safely and efficiently onto our vehicle
  • Damaged pallets can be loaded (we repair them)


Make sure pallets are ready BEFORE our lorry arrives

Our lorries should be maximised – leaving room for our next pick up