High Performance Concrete

High Strength Readymix Concrete

When you are placing concrete in harsh conditions where aggressive chemicals or high levels of abrasion are present then you need high-performance concrete that can provide the highest levels of durability and technical performance.

The technology used in the formulation of CEMEX MicroTech ensures high strength, low permeability concrete with enhanced resistance to sulphate and chloride attack.

Coupled with increased levels of flexural strength and improved resistance to impact and abrasion, CEMEX MicroTech is the high-performance concrete that will deliver in the most challenging of environments.

CEMEX Specialist Concretes In Action

Cemex Concrete House - See our range of ready mix concrete in action


  • High impact and abrasion resistance provide extremely durable surfaces for paving and flooring applications


  • High strength concrete suitable for use in heavily loaded applications


  • Very low permeability gives enhanced resistance to chloride, sulphate, high temperatures and acid attack


  • Higher flexural strength than conventional concrete allowing reduced design thicknesses for floors and paving applications


  • High early strength allows rapid access to the finished structure


  • Easy to place and finish with standard placing techniques


Microtech High Performance Concrete - Supporting Your Builds

CEMEX will provide you access to our highly experienced technical team who will be able to create bespoke mixes for all your readymix concrete needs. Our technical team has a vast experience of producing unique mixes for individual jobs, and can facilitate issues such as corrosive ground conditions, extreme weather conditions and high strength requirements.

CEMEX will work to your specification, or if requested provide suggestions to ensure that we meet the specific needs of your project.

The Microtech Product Range

An all-purpose high performance concrete designed to be used in the construction of most applications

A high performance concrete designed to give 28 day compressive strengths in excess of 80N/mm2 particularly suited to very heavily loaded applications.

A high-performance concrete incorporation structural polypropylene fibres to give enhanced performance in flooring and paving applications.

A high-performance concrete incorporating steel fibres to give exceptional performance in high impact and high abrasion resistant flooring and paving applications.

Download the latest Microtech High Performance Concrete brochure from CEMEX and find out more about its features, benefits and applications.