Merchant FAQs

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Call: 0808 1451900

  1. 40 bags Hydrated Lime 
  2. 60 bags White Cement  
  3. 33 bags Hydraulic Lime  
  4. 56 bags for all other products  

A minimum of 20 pallets can be returned and will be collected by a third-party haulier.   

Premium - 56 – 25kg bag 

Cement - 56 – 25kg bag 

High Strength - 56 – 25kg bag 

Sulfate Resisting - 56 – 25kg bag 

Fast Set - 56 – 25kg bag 

Post Mix - 56 – 25kg bag 

Kiln Dried Sand - 56 – 25kg bag 

40N - 56 – 25kg bag 

Black Bitumen Macadam - 56 – 25kg bag 

General Purpose Concrete - 56 – 25kg bag 

General Purpose Mortar - 56 – 25kg bag 

Lime - 40 25kg bag 

Cullamix - 40 25kg, also sold per bag if required  

White - 60 25kg bag  

Ciment Fondu - 63 25kg, also sold per bag if required 

Post Mix Professional - 70 20kg bag  

Limestone cements (Cement and Premium)

Yes, but please read manufacturers dosage rates for “enhanced Portland cements” 

  • Postmix 25kg bag 12mm 
  • Postmix Professional 20kg bag 0-3mm 

5 degrees and below will affect setting times

No - internal only

Lumps can be caused from compaction during storage, bang bag to loosen lumps should disappear. 

Please ensure that you mix well in the mixer to prevent lumps.  

Our White Cement is not CRVI compliant, so this only requires a packing date on the bag.

NHL 3.5 is suitable for a listed building or old mortar 

Yes, the temperature will either slow down (cold) or speed up curing (hot) - so this needs to be considered. 

Please note, Mortar and Concrete must be protected from wind or direct sun to avoid premature cracking. 

Paper can be safely stored 3 high whereas Plastic is 2 high. 

It is suitable for average domestic drives/ light vehicular use.

Full artic loads delivered into yards.
12m2 per pack/ 23 Packs per load.

We supply ReadyDrive 50mm which can be used as an edging block.

Lay the pavers in the pattern you have decided on, laying a couple of square meters at a time. More advice on laying patterns is available (Insert Link to product literature)

It is easier to remove stains from sealed driveways and it can combat weed growth and enhance colour but is not necessary.

We do not offer any time guarantees but concrete pavers are very durable and can easily be repaired and replaced.