Masonry Blocks & Bricks FAQs

Have questions about masonry and CEMEX building products and materials? Check out our list of frequently asked questions about our concrete brick and block range and how it is used to find the answer you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Masonry Blocks and Bricks

What is the U value (thermal performance) of ReadyBlock®?

Individual blocks do not have U Values. A U Value is determined by the type and thickness of each of the elements used to construct the wall, including airspaces. Extensive thermal insulation data is given in BRE Special Digest (SD4) ‘Masonry walls and beam and block floors’ available free of charge from CBA, alternatively, call our ReadyBlock® Helpline Tel: 0800 667 827.

What is the life expectancy of aggregate blockwork?

It has been shown over a period of many decades that if protected from aggressive chemical or abrasive situations, concrete blockwork does not deteriorate with time.

Are 2000 Solid Dense Standard Finish ReadyBlock® suitable for the construction of party walls as regards sound insulation?

When built using 100mm blocks, a 50mm cavity wall plastered both sides has sufficient mass to comply with the recommendations of Part E of the Building Regulations. The mass requirement is also achieved by a solid wall 215mm thick built by ‘laying flat’ any size of these blocks.