Health & Safety

Health Essentials

Based on the work of our global health council and other feedback, we have established Health Essentials, a global health campaign designed to reduce the prevalence of health risks associated with our operations and encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the workplace.

The campaign's objectives are to unify all of our health efforts worldwide and to align all occupational and preventive health programs, both current and developing, at all levels of the company. The program formalises and strengthens our knowledge base for the different aspects of CEMEX's Health Management System. The program also establishes guidelines to guarantee that all business units act upon the same health standards, reducing cost and minimising employee health risk and inefficiencies.

The Health Essentials initiative aligns all current and developing CEMEX health programs, occupational as well as preventive, at the local, national, and regional levels. It is divided into twelve different health promotion topics and aims to cover the most important issues our people face every day in both occupational and preventative health. Topics such as Lung Power and Safeguard Your Back directly touch upon the occupational risks our employees may face on the job. Topics including Healthy Heart and Vaccines aim to promote a healthier culture within CEMEX, increase our employees' quality of life, and reduce the number of days lost due to illness. This campaign has built awareness of health issues, encouraged employees to undertake preventive healthcare, and ultimately helped to create a healthier culture within CEMEX. In addition, the program builds trust, motivates employees, and reduces healthcare costs.

The campaign features easy-to-understand materials that are distributed to CEMEX employees worldwide, as well as a system for global knowledge-sharing and standardised guidelines to promote health and safety within operations around the world. Materials such as presentations, brochures, flyers, bilingual posters, and self-evaluation tests, as well as activities related to the prevention issues, are ready for use.