Beam & Block FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beam & Block Floors

What is the fire rating of the beams?

The 155mm beam is rated as 30mins and the 225mm beam has 60mins fire rating. If required the fire rating of the overall floor can be increased for upper floors with the addition of a fire rated ceiling below the floor.

Do the floor beams require a dpc under the bearing ends?

 We do recommend that the bearing wall be protected by a suitable dpc at some point below the bearing level of the floor beams. This is a requirement of our BBA certificate and is to protect the pre-stressed steel within the beam.

At what centres do you recommend placing the air vents?

As a general guide, one vent every two metres, but the exact location of the vents needs to be determined on site. Ventilation to be provided to floor void, approx 1 No 215mm x75mm vent per 2m run of wall.

Do you supply standard section details for the positioning of floor beams, dpc, air vents, dpm and radon barriers?

The position of these items is always site specific and needs to be determined by the site architect before works commence.

Can you issue your drawings in colour and design calculations electronically?

Yes, we provide drawings in AUTO CAD format or as PDF if required.

Do the ends of the floor beams need to be coated to prevent the wire corroding?

Generally, no. The natural alkalinity of the concrete protects the wire from significant corrosion and any slight corrosion that does occur is not detrimental to the lifetime performance of the floor beam. However, in areas subject to extreme exposure conditions, e.g. coastal properties, Local Building Control may recommend this.

Can your floor beams be used in a cantilever situation?

Yes, but the cantilever is limited, please contact our in house engineer to discuss further.

What blocks do I use to infill?

Any 7N block or flooring grade block may be used as infill between the ReadyFloor beams.

What is the minimum bearing required?

A nominal end bearing of 100mm on masonry and 75mm on steelwork is required.

At what stage should I grout the blocks?

ReadyFloor beam and block system should be slurry grouted before any finishes are applied. Slurry should be 1:4 cement / sand mix. Please note the floor does not provide a safe working platform prior to grouting.

Can I notch the beams to accommodate services?

To maintain the structural integrity beams may not be notched or drilled without approval.

At what stage do I install the ceiling Clips?

Ceiling clips should be installed prior to grouting of the floor, allow approx 5N per m².

Can I stack my pallets on the floor?

Floor beams must not be overloaded during construction works by placing pallets of blocks on the floor. Further advice on the safe installation of ReadyFloor can be obtained from our sales office.