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Sport Aggregates

Sports Sand

High quality sand for the best possible pitch

Sports Sand

Our range of specialist sports sands are ideal for improving & enhancing drainage systems to maintain high end greens. Applications include, football, rugby and cricket turf, polo fields, golf courses and more.

Sports Sand Pro: Our highest quality sports sand for professionals. Tested and approved by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) and conforms to USGA standards. Available in medium fine and medium coarse.

Sports Sand: A washed and graded medium fine sports sand, specifically chosen for its excellent natural drainage properties.

Sports Sub Base

The ultimate drainage layer for all sports applications

Sports Sub Base

Our Sports Sub-base is a specialist material sourced and designed to meet construction, structural and drainage requirements for enhanced football pitches, golf courses, athletic tracks and more.


An eco-friendly solution as an effective water management system


neogem SudsFlow is a carefully graded crushed angular material to ensure the necessary interlock to provide stability in the construction layers, whilst still providing the adequate void to allow the free movement and storage of water.

Ideal for sports pitches, pavement, athletics areas, car parks and more.

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CEMEX’s range of premium aggregates offer a high performance solution for landscaping, industrial, environmental and sports applications.

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