Building Better Into everything we do

At CEMEX we believe in building, and building a better future for everyone. A future we can be proud to leave our children, and our grand children.

A future where the needs of the built environment are balanced with a firm set of commitments to the natural environment. We strive to build better into everything we do. Through better thinking, better solutions, better service and ultimately a better future for everyone. That’s why our company vision is to be the best. To help to build a Greater Britain.

Better thinking

Building equals progress. But not at any cost – it must be done as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

At CEMEX we believe this means challenging the accepted way of doing things and asking not why… but why not? Why can’t we positively affect social issues that really matter? We think that innovative thinking should not only benefit our customers, but also the communities in which we operate, we call it, shared value.

It’s a mind-set that continually sees CEMEX at the forefront of pioneering health and safety initiatives. Like our awardwinning Safe Cycling Campaign, which is not only changing driver behaviour and raising awareness of cycling around large goods vehicles, it’s saving lives. CEMEX has also developed energy efficient materials with enhanced thermal insulation properties that are helping to save energy and reduce running costs. And permeable concrete, asphalt and paving products that facilitate soak away, decreasing the risk of flooding in our villages, towns and cities.

As water is a commodity for which there is no substitute, CEMEX has partnered with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and firmly embedded water reduction into our business strategy.

Better thinking has also enabled us to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Climafuel is an alternative fuel made from recycled household waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill. It currently provides 65%, and rising, of our energy requirement at our UK cement operations, proving our commitment to waste reduction by helping our industry to consume around 60 times more waste products than we send to landfill.

These and other initiatives, like our innovative carbon calculator, show that at CEMEX we never stop thinking about how we can be BETTER.

Better solutions

It’s better thinking that leads to better products and ultimately, better solutions for our customers.

Through building partnerships and investing in innovation we ensure that our solutions are both compelling and relevant. More efficient, more sustainable and more socially responsible.

Like our cement based pavement solutions that are providing a cost effective alternative to expensive oil-based binders and require 30% less raw materials. And Promptis, our rapid hardening concrete, which is delivering increased productivity and efficiency benefits on-site, enabling earlier completion of contracts. Not only saving time and money but also de-risking contracts and enhancing our customers’ reputations with their clients.

CEMEX has also been at the forefront of the use of recycled materials with our factory-produced blended cement, which reduces carbon emissions by 25% per tonne.

Today, CEMEX solutions are helping our economy grow and prosper, from the largest construction projects to the small local projects that make a difference to our everyday lives. Solutions that deliver innovation and value, backed by a passion for unparalleled customer service.

Better service

We’re acutely aware that in a time critical industry exceptional service is not just desirable, it’s essential

That’s why we’ve set ourselves industry-leading targets and turned them into a set of commitments that underpin our CEMEX Customer Service Promise. To ensure that dedication to quality, delivery and service is unquestionable. Promises that include…

  • 100% of your issues and complaints will be dealt with within 24 hours
  • 100% of our products meet or exceed relevant quality standards
  • If we can’t deal with your enquiry immediately, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours
  • We always aim to deliver within the agreed time frame. And if there’s a problem we’ll call you

But it’s the people at CEMEX that really make the difference. We empower our employees at a local level to deliver great customer service. Because only by listening and understanding our customers’ needs can we effectively deliver on all our commitments.

And these commitments go beyond our day-to-day operations and into to the communities in which we operate to ensure we build a better future.

Better future

CEMEX helps to provide this country’s essential housing and infrastructure needs, but our activity has an impact, on people and the communities in which we operate

That’s why building a better future is ingrained into every aspect of our business. For decades we have invested in our communities, through the CEMEX Foundation and the Rugby Benevolent Fund. Our Lendahand scheme demonstrates our commitment to giving back… and to helping make our communities better places to live.

We have created a Payback Initiative that guarantees that 1m2 of UK priority habitat is created for every 10m3 of concrete we produce. Through projects like the restoration of 80 hectares at Rugeley quarry in Staffordshire, which won the first ever Natural England Biodiversity award.

And the stunning Attenborough Nature Reserve and visitor centre in Nottingham, described by patron Sir David Attenborough as “a lifeline to the natural world”.

Our continuing 20-year partnership with the RSPB has produced challenging biodiversity targets, including a goal to create 1000 hectares of priority conservation habitat by 2020. It prompted TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham to comment...

“With its employees, neighbours and conservation organisations, CEMEX UK creates habitats that enrich our environment.”

Proof that CEMEX’s commitment to a sustainable future is part of our DNA.