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Decorative Aggregates


Decorative Aggregates Benefits

Check out just some of the benefits of using neogem's excellent-quality decorative aggregates in your landscaping projects. To find out more we recommend giving our specialists a call or fill in a quote form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

  • Aesthetic Transformations - Can enhance your landscaping project and truly bring it to life
  • Quick Installation - Can be deployed and installed quickly with minimum fuss
  • Naturally Sourced - An environmentally friendly, naturally sourced aggregate
  • Cost Effective - A cost-effective solution for your landscaping needs
  • Hard Wearing - A durable, hard-wearing stone that can last the test of time
  • Range of Colours - Comes in a range of colours for full, decorative effect
  • Multi Purpose - A flexible stone that has multiple landscaping uses
  • 1.6 tonnes m³ - Light enough to transport easily and with little hassle


Decorative Aggregates Applications

Check out some of the ways neogem's premium-quality decorative aggregates can be used. To find out more we recommend giving our specialists a call or fill in a quote form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

  • Garden Design - Bring your designs to life with our attractive range of sands, pebbles & colourful gravels
  • Water Features - Enhance your water features and bring your landscaping projects to realisation
  • Commercial Landscaping - Perfect for adding a more natural touch to commercial landscaping projects
  • Domestic Landscaping - Perfect domestic projects with our superb range of decorative gravels, pebbles & sand

Decorative Aggregates Range



Golden Gravel

Golden Gravel

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Staffordshire Pink Gravel

 Staffordshire Pink Gravel

Housing & Office Development

Southampton & Ringwood, Hampshire UK

Decorative Aggregates Case Study

Working with, various customers around Southampton and other parts of Hampshire, CEMEX's plants in Hamer Warren and Leamouth Wharf provided an attractive coloured gravel that is distinctive, aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing.

The gravel was used for various projects in the local area, including; driveways, borders, rockeries and ground cover.

Very quick and easy to place, the gravel is both simple to maintain and is all naturally sourced - making it a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution.

Fuel Tank Liner

Gallamast, London Rd, Eltham

Decorative Aggregates Case Study

Gallamast was replacing Fuel Tanks at a Shell Petrol Station on London Road, Eltham and required a stone that would not puncture the fuel tanks.

CEMEX's Denge Quarry produces a washed rounded shingle, Which is produce in various sizes - ranging between 10 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm. It transpired that our 10mm rounded shingle was the most suitable material for the project.

The stone is a naturally rounded material and as such there is no issue of the stone puncturing the tank lining - making it the ideal material for the job.

About Neogem

CEMEX’s range of premium aggregates offer a high performance solution for landscaping, industrial, environmental and sports applications.

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