Concrete Solutions For Tunnelling

Concrete Products Specifically Designed For The Tunnelling Industry.

Tunnelling Solutions

Spray Applied Concrete Solutions

Spray Concrete

Spray Applied Concrete is concrete pneumatically projected onto a surface at high velocity.

CEMEX has a unique design process for spray applied concrete using both ready-mixed or silo solutions compliant to industry specifications.

CEMEX Spray applied concrete is designed by blending separately controlled aggregate sources to produce a product with an ideal grading curve to minimise rebound.

All the raw materials are delivered into a batch weighed process complete with cement (CEM I), microsilica, steel fibres and special admixtures – the result is a very high grade lining concrete.

Porofoam Concrete Tunnel Solutions

Foamed Concrete

CEMEX manufacture a range of lightweight foamed concretes suitable for tunnelling applications including stabilisation of ground prior to TBM operations and backfilling.

Our Foamed concrete is manufactured using CEMEX admixtures and is available in a wide range of densities and compressive strengths to suit your application and requirements.

The product is easily placed with no compaction required and can be produced onsite by our foam generation units or delivered in trucks premixed.

Grout Solutions For Tunnelling


CEMEX have engineered a range of specially formulated grouts for a variety of tunnelling applications. We have also conducted research and trials utilising a variety of alternative fillers. Our grouts are designed and tested to achieve the required:

  • Viscosity and workable life
  • Stability
  • Compressive strength
  • Gel / Reaction time
  • Initial set time

We can provide our grouts in a variety of options including pre-blended silo, ready-mixed, bagged or as individual component materials.


  • Backfill grouts – suitable for injection, TBM backfill or filling annulus gaps
  • Compensation grouts – suitable for stabilisation
  • Piling – for primary and secant piles

Secondary Linings For Tunnels

Secondary Lining

CEMEX have a wide experience and capability in providing secondary lining solutions.

CEMEX can produce both cast in situ or sprayed concrete products delivered in a pre-blended dry silo, ready-mixed or combination of either. CEMEX have successfully delivered highly specified secondary lining products that have been transported over 7km from point of discharge and then pumped a further 200m into the structure.

CEMEX can design concrete solutions to meet your project requirements including the following parameters:

  • Consistence retention
  • A range of flexural and residual strengths
  • Early age strength
  • Pumped and transported long distances