Sustainability & Accreditations

Code for Sustainable Homes Under the Code for Sustainable Homes, floors constructed using CEMEX ReadyFloor beams can achieve a Green Guide rating of A+. By using CEMEX Readyfloor under table 3 the product qualifies for 1.5 points as all materials certified EMS

BES 6001 Accredited Responsible Sourcing for Construction Product -  Further points can also be achieved as CEMEX ReadyFloor beams are rated ‘Very Good’ under BES6001, qualifying as the highest tier level of MAT2 Responsible Sourcing of Materials.

ISO 14001 Accredited Environmental management System - All the materials used in the production are from recognised environmentally managed sources

ISO 9001 Accredited Quality Management System - CEMEX Floors controlled manufacturing tolerances and quality management system allows the production of a high quality wet cast prestressed beam, which provides the contactor the fine tolerances and accuracies required for the ease of laying. All ReadyFloor beams are manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of BS8110 – 1 1997

Quality Assurance Random samples of finished beams are subject to tests for dimensional accuracy, strength and stiffness of the beams under load. Our technical department prior to dispatch individually inspects all beams. All raw materials comply with the relevant British Standard and are only purchased from suppliers who have satisfied our quality assurance and environmental procedures.

BBA Agrément Certificate Certificate No. 93/2941 British Board of Agrément certification ensures the integrity of our product and satisfies the requirements of the NHBC.