Bagged Aggregates

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Bagged Aggregates

CEMEX Bagged Aggregates

Bagged Aggregates

CEMEX produces bagged-aggregates from our vast network of bagging-plants located across the UK.

Each bagging-plant offers a range of locally sourced base-aggregates, including concrete sand, building sand, gravels, ballast, and MOT-Type-1.  Additionally, each plant also offers a focused range of popular, local, decorative materials.

All CEMEX bagging-plants operate modern, clean, and efficient equipment and plant, which ensures a high-level of quality in its products and services.

How To Buy Bagged Aggregates From CEMEX


CEMEX bagged-aggregates can be purchased from a network of builders merchants in each of the areas - get in touch to find out the nearest merchant to you.

If you need any further assistance in identifying a stockist of CEMEX bagged-aggregates then please contact our customer-service team on 0845 155 1804. Alternatively, If you are interested in becoming a stockist of CEMEX bagged-aggregates then please contact the bagged-aggregates customer service team on 0845 155 1804.