CEMEX’s range of asphalts offer industry leading high performance solutions for a wide range of applications including highway, local authorities, housing, utility, sports and many more. To find out how we help professional contractors up and down the country to deliver exceptional results, call us on the number below.

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With a wide network of asphalt plants capable of producing a comprehensive range of products that can be collected or delivered by our extensive logistics fleet.

Local Asphalt

We have a dedicated network of ‘Local Asphalt’ plants that focus on small tonnage collections and deliveries that will guarantee fast turnarounds and a one stop service.

Low Carbon Asphalt

Sustainable and circular asphalt solutions to support our collective climate strategies, working in collaboration to build a better and greener Britain.

Road Paving Solutions

Industry leading surfacing contractor with over 40 years of experience, specialising in schemes from major highways, airfields, business parks, car parks, storage and materials handling depots.

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Ultimate endurance and porous solutions that withstand highly trafficked areas, providing safe parking surfaces

Cycle & Footpaths

Easy to install cycle and footpath solutions to keep up with the governments climate agenda for improved green infrastructure.

Driveways & Housing

Hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing driveway solutions that will provide the premium finish your clients expect.

Flood Prevention

Free draining and durable asphalt solutions to combat surface water and flooding

Highways & Roads

Certified solutions for all motorway and road infrastructures, providing high performing, long lasting and safe solutions

Industrial & Commercial

Extremely durable and long lasting solutions that perform well in high stress and demanding environments

Sports & Leisure

Optimum asphalt solutions designed and engineered for the use in high performance sports surfaces


Superior long lasting reinstatement solutions providing enhanced workability and compaction properties

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