Architectural & Decorative Concrete

CEMEX carries an assortment of architectural and decorative concrete that will enhance the appearance of your project.

Enhancing Your Builds With Decorative & Architectural Concrete Mixes

Architectural concrete provides an aesthetic finish as well as structural stability while decorative concrete is used to enhance and improve the appearance of the surface of a structure with a combination of textures and colours.


  • Decorative concretes to deliver an aesthetically pleasing finish, available in a variety of styles
  • Architectural concretes that deliver both a pleasing finish and structural stability to enhance and reinforce your projects
  • Both architectural and decorative concrete mixes can be tailored and designed according to your requirements

Decorative Concrete

CEMEX can offer a wide range of decorative concretes, including:

Coloured Concrete - A standard grey concrete that has been pigmented at the surface or throughout the entire mix of the concrete.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete - A mix made with speciality rock designed to reveal decorative aggregate when the surface paste is removed while still fresh.

Stamped Concrete - A decorative concrete surface finish designed to mimic the look and feel of classic stone, tile and brick surfaces, among others.


Architectural Concrete

CEMEX can offer excellent value architectural concrete to enhance your builds, including:

Concrete For Formwork - Typically used for standard concrete formwork and formlining.

Specialty Aggregate Mixtures - Aggregates are typically selected based on strength and durability performance when used in concrete, but may also be selected for their decorative appeal rather than just strength.

Seamless Joints - Architectural concrete can be developed to help minimise the outward appearance of joints in the finished application.

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