Advanced Fibre Reinforced Concrete Floors

For When You Needed Added Durability

Advanced Flooring
Advanced Floors


Advanced Flooring Benefits

  • Concrete and reinforcement is placed in one operation
  • Concrete is supplied with the exact amount of reinforcement that is required (no wastage)
  • Can show an overall cost saving per square metre compared to concrete placed with traditional steel mesh reinforcement
  • Reduces the need to store, cut, place and fix steel reinforcing mesh on site
  • Provides resistance to cracking and improves impact and abrasion qualities


Advanced Flooring Applications

  • General Industrial Flooring
  • Power Floated Flooring 
  • Garage Flooring
  • Workshop Flooring
  • Domestic Flooring

More Information About Advanced Flooring

Technical Data

CEMEX Advanced Paving can be specified and installed based upon the following load and construction recommendations:


Solution Slab Thickness (mm) MaximumPointLoad (t) MaximumFork LiftCapacity (t) Maximum Wall Load(t/m) Max Joint Spacing (m)
Advanced Flooring 150 150 3 2 1 5
Advanced Flooring 175 175 4 3 2 6
Advanced Flooring 200 200 5 4 3 7

*design assumptions apply


If your requirements fall outside of the above parameters please use our Advanced Design service to find a bespoke solution for your project - call our Product Support Helpline on 0800 667 827

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