Advanced Decking Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fibre Reinforced Concrete For Composite Metal Decking

Advanced Decking
Advanced Decking
Advanced Decking

Cemex, in conjunction with Propex have developed Advanced Decking – a fibre reinforced concrete for use on composite metal decking systems, eliminating the need for steel mesh. This delivers a significant reduction in reinforcement costs as well as faster and easier placement.

Cemex and Propex are market leading Deck types global companies specialising in the production of ready mixed concrete and fibre reinforced concrete solutions.

Advanced Concrete

Together Propex & CEMEX have combined their expertise to create Advanced Decking. Advanced Decking is a tested and approved fibre reinforced concrete mix designed for composite metal decking systems. Advanced Decking eliminates the requirement for traditional steel mesh reinforcement resulting in a faster, easier and more cost effective solution for your projects.

The Advanced Decking system uses a unique combination of high performance steel fibres and polypropylene micro synthetic fibres to achieve a fully three dimensionally reinforced concrete slab.

Advanced Decking is manufactured by CEMEX in our quality controlled network of ready-mix concrete plants and is available throughout the UK. The product is delivered ready-mixed and requires no special handling on site.


Advanced Decking Benefits

Advanced Decking eliminates the need for steel mesh resulting in the following benefits

  • Significant reduction in programme - concrete and reinforcement is placed in one application
  • Concrete is supplied with the exact amount of reinforcement that is required (no wastage)
  • Removes the need for hoisting mesh
  • Reduces the need to cut, place and fix steel mesh on site
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Eliminates the need to store and manage mesh on site
  • Can show an overall cost saving compared to traditionally placed concrete
  • Independently verified and approved by the Steel Construction Institute
  • Fire ratings up to and including 120 minutes
  • Bespoke software available from Tata and CMF to enable engineers to design Advanced Decking solutions
  • Eliminates tripping hazards associated with steel reinforcing mesh


Advanced Decking Features

  • Independent testing proves that the system provides equivalent or superior performance to traditional welded wire mesh solutions
  • The inclusion of steel fibres in advanced decking provides load bearing capabilities, increased toughness and long term crack control
  • Proven to reduce plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking
  • Superior 3 dimensional reinforcement increases impact, shatter and abrasion resistance
  • Quality assured concrete reinforcement system

Advanced Decking Applications

Advanced Concrete

Advanced Decking is approved for use on the following composite metal decking systems

  • Tata Comflor Product Range
  • CMF Metfloor Product range

Deck Types

Tata ComFlor

  • ComFlor 51
  • ComFlor 60
  • ComFlor 80

Deck Types

CMF MetFloor

  • MetFloor 55
  • MetFloor 60
  • MetFloor 80

Fire Rating Details

Fire Rating Product
60 Minutes Advanced Decking 25
90 Minutes Advanced Decking 30
120 Minutes Advanced Decking 35

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