Advanced Beam & Block Fibre Reinforced Concrete Topping

Beam & Block Reinforcement

Advanced Beam & Block Concrete Topping

CEMEX Advanced Beam & Block products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001. It is independently certified under the Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete (QSRMC) in accordance with the relevant standards and available from CEMEX plants throughout the UK.

Both solutions incorporate BBA approved fibres that meet the performance requirements of the NHBC and comply with BS EN 14889. The reinforcement is added to the concrete at the CEMEX UK batching plant at the specific dosage required. The concrete arrives on site with the fibres evenly distributed throughout, and the process of placing concrete and reinforcement is completed in a single operation.


Advanced Beam & Block Benefits

  • The need for traditional mesh in the floor slab is removed
  • Concrete and reinforcement is delivered as one
  • No wastage on site as the concrete contains the prescribed amount of fibres
  • Reinforcement is always placed in the correct position
  • Health & safety risks associated with cutting/placing steel are removed
  • Construction times are reduced


Advanced Beam & Block Applications

  • Traditional Beam & Block floors
  • Insulated Beam & Block floors

More Advanced Beam & Block Information


CEMEX Advanced Beam & Block Concrete (MF or SF) have no special handling requirements and can be placed using conventional techniques such as direct discharge, skip or pump.


In order to achieve the best performance from Cemex Advanced Beam & Block Concrete (MF or SF) it is essential to ensure that the concrete is fully compacted and properly cured immediately after the concrete is placed and finished.


It is strongly recommend that a curing membrane is applied to prevent any moisture loss to assure that the concrete reaches its full potential.


Economical Benefits

Using CEMEX Advanced Beam & Block Concrete (MF or SF) can lead to significant cost reductions by way of: reduced labour; elimination of crane/lifting for reinforcement; faster construction and lower maintenance.


CEMEX Advanced Design is easier and quicker to place than steel mesh reinforced concrete. The Health and Safety hazards associated with handling and placing steel mesh are also significantly reduced.

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