Works of Art Improve Former Railway Line

Works of Art Improve Former Railway Line

June 16, 2022
The Rotary Club of Rugby got in touch with CEMEX to request support in a local community project aimed at improving education, assisting the disadvantaged and protecting the environment.

The project, titled ‘Rotary Club of Rugby Centenary Project – Great Central Way’ planned to upgrade the northern section of the Great Central Way between Hillmorton Road and South Street, close to the Rugby Cement Plant. The aim was to create recreational, landscape and educational improvements to the former railway line.

The project involved working with schools in the town and provided benefits to the environment and to pedestrians and cyclists using the Great Central Way. CEMEX was delighted to support the project. As well as providing funding towards the cost of a mural on the walls below Hillmorton Road bridge, Colin Jones and John Sweeting from Security also volunteered to help clean and paint of the wall.

A muralist was joined by Art and Design pupils students from local Rugby schools and together they have now completely transformed the run down dilapidated space, into an amazing work of art.

You can see all the photos revealing the results of their hard work here.