Stimulating Simulator Training

Stimulating Simulator Training

June 01, 2022
A group of Officers from CEMEX UK Marine took part in ship handling training using the simulator facility at MSA Solent in Portsmouth.

The simulator was specifically configured to accurately represent the manoeuvring characteristics of the CEMEX Go Innovation. As this ship has many different features to our existing vessels, the simulator allows the Officers to familiarise themselves with the operation of the vessel and develop their techniques in a safe and controlled environment, in different conditions of wind and tide.

The main benefit of simulator training is that the team can run many focussed and intense exercises during a day, enabling a lot of experience to be gained very quickly.

All of the Officers who attended are looking forward to putting what they have learned into practice in real life. They were pleased to have the Deputy Harbour Master and one of the Marine Pilots from Shoreham Port join them, and they are now looking forward to working together to enable the port to gain confidence in the capabilities of the ship.

This is another great example of CEMEX investing in Health And Safety, Training, Continuous Improvement, Our People & Assets.