Ifty Walked All Over Cancer

Ifty Walked All Over Cancer

April 14, 2022
Throughout March, thousands of people took part in the Walk All Over Cancer challenge to raise money for Cancer Research while also improving their fitness.

Walk All Over Cancer is a personal challenge to walk 10,000 steps every day for a month. 10,000 steps are the equivalent of 5 miles or an hour and 40 minutes of walking, depending on your speed.

Back in early March we asked you to step up to the Walk All Over Cancer challenge many of you did!

Iftikhar Ahmed Arain, a Senior Design Engineer for Rail Solutions in Derbyshire, Walked All Over Cancer – and is still walking! Ifty shared his story with us:

“I am a diabetic person and already enjoyed walking, however, before I started the Walk All Over Cancer challenge I was barely hitting 5,000 steps a day. I really wanted to challenge myself so I took on this challenge and dedicated it to all of those, including my father, who have lost their lives to cancer.

I set the challenge of achieving the goal of 10K steps a day. I pushed myself to hit my target day after day and I now comfortably hit 11-12K steps a day. The exercise has done wonders for my physical health and has really help get my diabetes under control – my blood glucose level has reduced by 15mmol/mol and my weight by 5kg within a month.  I’ve also discovered so many beautiful places near my home that I never knew existed.”

A huge well done to Ifty, thanks for sharing your inspirational story with us and well done to everyone else who took part, for helping to raise money for cancer research and improving your physical health and wellbeing.