CEMEX Ventures paves the road to enter Chinese market

CEMEX Ventures paves the road to enter Chinese market

November 19, 2019
CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX's Corporate Venture Capital Unit, announced today that it is prepared to enter the Chinese market with the support of Glodon, a digital platform service provider in construction industry headquartered in Beijing, and Interdream Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on the digitalization of construction and decoration industry. They have signed a collaboration agreement with the objective of developing synergies between the parties to innovate in the construction industry.

  • CEMEX Ventures leverages collaboration with two companies that seek to generate new business models and relationships with key actors in the Chinese construction ecosystem.
  • The three companies strengthen their global position as leaders in the construction, entrepreneurship and new technologies industries.

With this collaboration agreement, CEMEX Ventures is expected to take advantage of the locations of the other parties to build relationships with startups and other companies, creating a perfect vision of the industry in which they operate. “This type of alliance between two segments that come together is key to finding new successful business models and operating in the Chinese market. Glodon and Interdream Ventures also have a complete vision of the entire value chain and are good partners to drive the construction revolution, ”said Juan Nieto, Representative of CEMEX Ventures in Asia. In this way, the development of a community of experts formed by leading companies in the construction industry is evident.

In addition to the local knowledge of Asian companies, CEMEX Ventures, Glodon and Interdream Ventures will share their experience with one objective: to promote innovation in the construction industry, work to invest in new technologies and innovative solutions. By sharing startups identified and analyzed by the three parties, it will be possible to facilitate the search and implementation of innovative projects and solutions. By strengthening the flow of exchange of new business models, entrepreneurs will have access to a greater number of investors to support their solution.

“The global construction industry is experiencing the process of updating and digital transformation. Glodon is very happy to share the resources of our platform and work with CEMEX Ventures and Interdream Ventures to jointly promote technological innovation and foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the entire industry, ”said Aihua Wang, Senior Vice President of Glodon, head of investment and ecosystem development

“It is essential for venture capital companies to keep up with the latest technological developments in the construction industry and the new companies that participate in this revolution worldwide. Interdream Ventures is pleased to cooperate with CEMEX Ventures and Glodon to drive the technological revolution of the construction industry, ”said Xinyi Su, founder and CEO of Interdream Ventures.

The relationships of the companies involved with different entities will generate stronger links within the ecosystem of construction, entrepreneurship, innovation and new technologies. This agreement invites new entities to continue the momentum to revolutionize the sector.

About CEMEX Ventures
Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures focuses on helping solve the main challenges and areas of opportunity that the construction ecosystem has through sustainable solutions. CEMEX Ventures has created an open and collaborative platform to lead the construction industry revolution involving startups, entrepreneurs, universities and other relevant actors to address the most difficult industry challenges and shape the value ecosystem of tomorrow. For more information on CEMEX Ventures, visit: www.cemexventures.com


About Glodon
Glodon Company Limited, founded in 1998 and registered in the Shenzhen SME board of directors in 2010, is the first public company in the field of construction information technology in China. As a digital construction platform service provider, Glodon offers the entire construction project life cycle more than 100 products or services based on "final + cloud + big data", as well as several value-added services, such as big industrial data and new industrial finance. Glodon now has more than 60 subsidiaries and more than 6,000 employees, and operates a sales and service network that covers more than 200 cities worldwide. For more information about Glodon, visit: https://www.glodon.com

About Interdream
Interdream Ventures, founded in 2014, is a venture capital firm that focuses on the digitalization of the construction and decoration industries. Interdream Ventures has established its goal of bringing data-based innovation to the construction ecosystem by empowering startups that provide solutions throughout the construction / decoration life cycle, and by creating a collaborative platform for entrepreneurs, stakeholders and relevant organizations. For more information on INTERDREAM Ventures, visit: 


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