CEMEX Supports Ground-Breaking New Concrete Project

CEMEX Supports Ground-Breaking New Concrete Project

October 21, 2021
The Northern Readymix and Technical teams are proud to have supported the use of a ground-breaking new type of concrete at a construction project in Manchester.

Known as ‘concretene’, this graphene-reinforced concrete is a world-first material and is the result of a partnership between scientists at the University of Manchester’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) and engineers at Nationwide.

Graphene is a single atomic layer of carbon. It is the world’s thinnest material, one million times smaller than the diameter of a single human hair. It also believed to be one of the strongest [200 times stronger than steel] and most conductive in existence.

Its potential benefits to the construction industry are considerable; graphene-reinforced concrete could use much less cement to deliver the desired strength. As a result, it may reduce CO2 emissions by 983 pounds per ton, according to one estimate.

Additionally, graphene concrete improves compressive strength, flexural strength, and split tensile strength. A more resilient concrete cracks less, and it better resists stress. More crack-resistant concrete lasts longer, and it requires less maintenance.

CEMEX’s Technical and Commercial teams worked closely with Nationwide Engineering and developers, the Mayfield Partnership, to combine our concrete with graphene, and then supply 96m3 of this for the site in Manchester, a planned entertainment venue being opened by the owners of the legendary Hacienda nightclub.

Danny Roberts, Readymix Commercial Manager, commented: “This is the first structural element in the UK that has incorporated graphene into the concrete mix.

The pour went like a dream, and we have had lots of positive feedback from the client. Considerable engagement between the Commercial, Operational and Technical teams was required for this project, and I would particularly like to thank Charlie Wilcock for all his hard work to make this job a success.”