Berkswell Celebrate 20 Tears LTI Free

Berkswell Celebrate 20 Tears LTI Free

June 09, 2022
We are proud to share that the Berkswell Quarry team has achieved a fantastic 20 years LTI free on the 5th June. Congratulations to the team!

Andrew Barber, Quarry Manager (Midlands), proudly said: “This 20 year milestone has been made possible through the help and support provided from many of our colleagues from all departments, along with the systems and tools made available for us all to use. I’m very proud of the Berkswell team and privileged to be part of an organisation that truly cares about its employees and makes Health & Safety its number one priority.

Constant help and advice has been provided throughout the 20 years through audits, VFL, NMHA, Take Fives and the advancement through digitalisation with the use of Checkproof to name but a few.

The current team has three new starters who require looking after and a knowledge gap to fill, we are fortunate to have a positive culture within the team which provides the foundation to adopt the many processes and system required to keep us all safe. We must maintain and improve our standards as safety has no memory and every day carries a fresh challenge for us all.”

LTI milestones demonstrate that ZERO is possible, especially in challenging environments and working processes. With the right level of focus and attention to Health & Safety, our Zero4Life objective can be met and sustained.

Congratulations and well done!