Be UVA Aware – especially if you work outdoors

Be UVA Aware – especially if you work outdoors

July 19, 2018
With the unusually great weather continuing and summer holidays coming up, don’t forget to protect your skin.

Did you know that 90% of all skin cancers could be prevented if we took more care of our skin? Construction workers and those who work outside most of the time are at increased risk.

This great unit was identified during Worksafe at our Freeman’s Quarry and then also used for Avonmouth Wharf. It is a pre-assemble unit and provides the basics for sun protection and an information point.

It has a sun-cream dispenser, mirror and printed guidelines. The UV index indicator provides a handy method to keep everyone informed of the daily risk level.

The UV index is available on-line and can be updated on the board.. This is a great way to help outdoor workers keep their skin protected.