A very happy customer

A very happy customer

April 21, 2022
Teams at our Chorley and Blackburn Plants were recently rewarded by a personal email from a customer to say thank you – a wonderful testament to what a fantastic job the team achieved.

The customer, Steve Eades (Senior Project manager) from Harrisons Farm Adlington emailed to say “Following completion of the main base plug pour I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts over the past three long days.  Please extend my thanks to the wider team. There have been lots of challenges and hard work from a lot of people to get to where we are today and I would like to personally thank everyone who has been involved along the way.”

Paul Cheeseman, Operations Manager - Northern Readymix passed on his thanks to the teams “They worked three long shifts to supply over 1300m3 out of Chorley and Blackburn Plant. They had to deal with various issues but the guys didn’t allow this to delay the supply to the customer and as you can see from the email, we have one very happy customer. With the daily challenges we face, it is a fantastic testament of the efforts you all put in that the customer is blissfully unaware of such issues whilst fulfilling their order. Thanks for your efforts this week, I very much appreciate the hard work everyone has put in.”

The project is for a new waste water tank which is being built as the sewers around the area aren’t able to cope when it floods and the sewage water ends up in the nearby river. Staffing and material supplies issues, along with minor breakdowns and system issues meant the teams had to really pull together to ensure the customer received the quality and service expected of us.

Damon Montgomery, General & Commercial Manager – North West also congratulated the team: “A huge thank you to everyone for the commitment shown in meeting the challenge in supplying this project. You have provided a superior level of service and the feedback from the customer speaks volume for the hard work you have all put in.”