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Our Dry Silo Mortar team has supplied Dragados at Bank Station capacity upgrade for just under a year now with spray applied concrete via on-site silos and mixing units. Around 16,000 tonnes from over 540 deliveries have been supplied to the site and the tunnels and caverns which now run along the existing London Underground Northern Line.  

The further open spraying is happening at the moment over 500 metres away from the surface and is due to continue for another 18 months. A small team was set up to monitor work closely with Dragados.  Bill Buckley is our Customer Service Officer maintaining the silos and mixing equipment, and Briony Potter is the Distribution Co-ordinator, both in the picture here. 

Briony looks after their delivery requirements which have increased to over 200 tonnes and day, including night deliveries. This is also backed up by operational staff at the supply plants in Dove Holes (Mick Stafford and Dan Ball), and Bletchley (Wayne Hall). Briony works closely with our contactor haulage company, NJ Docksey. Whilst Dragados are buying the product they have contracted out the spraying to Joseph Gallagher. 

The feedback given to Bill and Briony when they visited the site on Friday was very encouraging and they were extremely pleased with the surface finish and the lack of fall down. The site is located directly on London Bridge! It is very difficult to access and a special lane separates pedestrians and other vulnerable road users away from site traffic. Each silo holds up to 100 tonnes of dried sprayed concrete blown in by the road tanker.

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