Wick Celebrates 11 Years LTI-Free
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Wick Celebrates 11 Years LTI-Free

17 August 2017

Congratulations to everyone in the Wick team on achieving 11 years LTI-free.

VP, Carl Platt, commented: “This is a great achievement bearing in mind the type of work we do on site and the complexities of the products we make. Please pass on my thanks to all the team and ensure we continue to focus on sending everyone home each day safe and sound.”

Concrete Products Director, Grant McMillan, added: “This is recognition for all of the hard work and effort from every member of the team to stay safe on a day to day basis, and I invite you all to continue this performance moving forward.”

The picture shows a large gathering of hot air balloons that took off early in the morning from the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta which occurs every year. They came right over the top of the Wick Plant!

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