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Employing over 3400 people in the UK alone, CEMEX offer a diverse range of careers in over 500 locations in delivering our class leading products and services to our customers.

Select a function from the list below to read descriptions of the current missions and challenges.


Producing with the highest safety standards and the least possible impact, cement, aggregates, ready mix... » More

Health and SafetyHealth & Safety

Proactively safeguarding the wellbeing of our people and neighboring communities... » More


Understanding our customers and creating solutions to maintain our leadership position... » More


Building the relationships that lead to brand loyalty through outstanding service and product quality...
» More


Transporting raw materials and final product efficiently, responsibly, and on-time... » More


Partnering with the best vendors to acquire the goods and services to operate our business... » More


Ensuring competitiveness and efficiency of operating facilities within a dynamic environment... » More
Research and Development

Research & Development

Developing innovative products and construction solutions to fulfill market needs and create competitive advantage... » More
Human Resources

Human Resources

Enabling people to contribute to our business objectives and achieve their personal & career goals...  » More
Communications and Public Affairs

Communications & Public Affairs

Articulating company messages that are to be communicated across all of our stakeholder groups... 
» More
Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Charting the future and stating priorities to ensure profitable growth throughout our operations...  » More
Finance and Treasury

Finance & Treasury

Optimising the use of financial resources and ensuring alignment to our global financial business plan...
» More


Advising our operations on rapidly changing regulatory, social, and economic landscapes...  » More


Working to address and overcome some of the most complex social, environmental and sustainable operational challenges...  » More


Head Office & Support Services

Within each functional area there are a variety of roles from entry level to senior management.

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Properties
  • Facilities
  • Procurement
  • Energy

Communications and Public Affairs

Human Resources

  • HR Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Compensations and Benefits
  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Legal
  • Security

Business Service Organisation

  • Management and Financial Services
  • Accounting including: Cost Control, Financial Information,Taxation, Internal Control
  • Transactional Services including: Accounts Payable, HR Administration, Payroll Administration, Master Data
  • Process and IT
  • Treasury and Risk

Support Function Office Locations

We have 5 Hub Offices in the UK

  • Thorpe in Surrey
  • Rugby in Warwickshire
  • Preston Brook in Cheshire
  • Stockton in Teesdale
  • Uddingston in Scotland near Glasgow


Our core business areas are as follows:
  • Readymix and Mortar
  • Aggregates, Asphalt and Surfacing
  • Cement Operations
  • Building Products
  • Logistics

Each core business area consists of different specialist functions:

  • Production and Operations
  • Technical and Quality Assurance
  • Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Estates and Development
  • Geology
  • Planning
  • Administration

Our operations cover a range of environments from concrete plants, aggregate and hard rock quarries, to cement plants and building product factories. The number of people working in these different areas can range from one to two in a concrete plant to hundreds in a cement plant or building product factory.

Careers with CEMEX

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