Well done Frank for Preserving Ancient Tree at Wickwar
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Well done Frank for Preserving Ancient Tree at Wickwar

19 October 2017

Thanks to Wickwar quarry manager Frank Hogg this amazing 800+ year old oak tree has been saved from the chop by the local electricity company.

The electricity company asked us as land owners if they could cut the tree down as their wires run through the canopy. Frank immediately contacted the Council Tree Officer and secured a preservation order to protect it.

It makes much more sense for the electricity wires to be relocated, especially as the poles are in a state of disrepair anyway.

Well done to Frank for taking the steps needed to save this amazing Oak which has seen the history of the landscape unfold since the medieval Plantagenet King Edward II’s time, just before the start of the 100 years war with France.

The photo shows Frank’s granddaughter appreciating the tree!

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