Admixture Solutions

Water Reducing Plasticising Admixtures

High performance liquid admixtures, used to improve the consistence of concrete mixes or to permit effective reductions in free water content.


Incorporating plasticisers into the concrete can be used to increase consistence without the need to add further water therefore not compromising specified strengths. Plasticisers can also be used as water reducers to reduce the quantity of mixing water required to meet a particular class of consistence.


  • Specified strengths can be achieved at reduced cement contents or increased consistence
  • Water reductions in the region of 8-10% can be achieved, significantly improving strengths at all ages and enhancing durability through production of lower permeability concrete
  • Can minimise the risk of segregation and bleeding, even in harsh mixes, and aids the production of a dense, closed texture surface, improving durability
  • Is effective over a wide range of cement types and contents
  • Very low chloride ion content, safe for use in pre-stressed and reinforced concrete
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