VIASHIELD® - Asphalt Solution For The Farming Industry

Improve your farm environment with our industry leading VIASHIELD®  product.

VIASHIELD®  is designed as a solution to the hard wearing nature of the farming industry, offering excellent durability and resistance to attack from acids derived from silage, effluent, animal dung and urine.


✓   Dense and impermeable
✓   Highly resistant to acid and abrasion
✓   Easily maintained
✓   Smooth, uniform surface
✓   Improved cleanliness

Based on hot rolled asphalt, the dense impermeable structure of VIASHIELD® makes it ideal for the wide range of applications seen within the farm environment, such as:

Farm Yards – resisting chemical attack from effluent whilst still providing a durable surface for farm machinery.

Silage Clamps – often one of the most aggressive environments within this industry, VIASHIELD® can withstand both high temperatures and chemical attack.

Livestock Housing – VIASHIELD® offers an impermeable surface with excellent insulation characteristics thus providing a clean and pleasant environment for farm animals. The product is also less abrasive to animal’s feet in comparison to other materials.

Animal Feed Storage Areas – VIASHIELD® provides a clean, non contaminated surface for storage of bulk animal feed.

Farm Tracks – Suitable for all types of farm track and access roads.

The smooth homogenous surface provided by VIASHIELD® allows for ease of cleaning resulting in low maintenance when compared to other types of material.

Our ECO and ECO+ Asphalt products offer further performance enhancements to the VIA range, as well as our standard asphalts.  


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All of our asphalts conform to the latest European standards and are designed for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as specific applications. For more information on this industry leading product please call our sales team on 0345 155 6367
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