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VIAFOAM® - Sustainable Foamed Bitumen Asphalt Concrete

The VIAFOAM® system utilises proven foamed bitumen technology and in conjunction with the versatility of CEMEX’s mobile cold mix plant, can produce materials to suit a wide range of applications. Foamed bitumen technology has been used extensively by CEMEX in the UK, particularly on Highways Agency trunk road schemes.

VIAFOAM® products can include up to 100% recycled aggregate for use in both the base and binder courses of pavement construction. Once manufactured some products may be stored for several weeks prior to surfacing operations commencing.

✓   Products can contain up to 100% recycled aggregate
✓   Low energy requirement
✓   Reduced emissions
✓  Cost effective

Viafoam is CEMEX UK’s foamed bitumen macadam that utilises virgin or recycled aggregates to produce a base material as a direct replacement for the conventional asphalt products. The benefits of using Viafoam include:

  • Contains up to 100% recycled aggregate
  • Mixed on site to ensure the complete control of the production process
  • Cold mixed resulting in CO2 & energy efficiencies
  • Significant reduction of onsite vehicle movements
  • Reduction in virgin aggregate requirements

As the recycling waste material and reclaimed asphalt assumes greater importance, their processing as a cold mix asphalt material provides positive environmental benefits including reduced demand for aggregates, lower energy usage and reduced emissions. CEMEX’s mobile, cold mix plant represents an extremely flexible and cost effective solution in dealing with these materials and, when operating in conjunction with the company’s mobile crushing plant, provides a comprehensive recycling package.

CEMEX’s  mobile production plant and mobile crusher unit can be erected on your site to produce exsitu recycled materials along with foam-mix macadam. The unit is self contained and, when working in conjunction with CEMEX’s mobile crushing plant, provides a total recycling solution.  A typical Viafoam is produced using a blend of crushed recycled asphalt planings along with minimal amounts of virgin aggregate to ensure grading compliance.

As the VIAFOAM® system involves a cold mix process, there are considerable energy savings and the emissions associated with the manufacture of hot materials are avoided.

CEMEX Viafoam complies with Clause 948 of the Specification for Highway Works, DE50 specification for airfields and TRL 611.

Our ECO and ECO+ Asphalt products offer further performance enhancements to the VIA range, as well as our standard asphalts.  


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All of our asphalts conform to the latest European standards and are designed for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as specific applications. For enquiries relating to specification contact us on our Asphalt Helpline: 0345 155 6367
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