VIACOURT® - Flexible Solution For Sports Surfaces


VIACOURT®  is the optimum asphalt material designed and engineered for the use in high performance sports surfaces.

Based on a 6mm open graded surface course, our product promises to deliver the high quality and consistent surface that players and sports have come to expect.

Player safety is paramount to CEMEX, it is for this reason VIACOURT® has been engineered to provide a smooth, even and low textured playing surface to help reduce any risk of injury.



✓   Free draining
✓   Excellent durable surface finish
✓   Smooth and consistent surface
✓   Meets the Sports and Play Contractors
      Association guidelines
✓   Designed with safety in mind
✓   Can be used all year round

VIACOURT®is fully compliant with the Sports and Play Contractors Association guidelines giving you the assurance that our solutions meets industry standards. Available throughout our entire network of plants, in two grades, VIACOURT® Tennis and VIACOURT®MUGA (Multi Use Games Areas).

Our product has been designed to provide a rapid draining surface for tennis courts and other sports surfaces, allowing sport to recommence soon after periods of rain fall. We recommend that VIACOURT® is installed in conjunction with a VIACOURT®grade binder course to provide the ultimate drainage characteristics.

Suitable binder courses are available in 10,14 and 20mm aggregates sizes allowing you to select the material that is best suited to your requirements.

Our ECO and ECO+ Asphalt products offer further performance enhancements to the VIA range, as well as our standard asphalts.  


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All of our asphalts conform to the latest European standards and are designed for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as specific applications. For more information on this industry leading product please call our sales team on 0345 155 6367
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