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VIACOURSE® - Single Layer Solution For Highways

Time is of the essence. Our premium single layer solution, VIACOURSE® is developed with speed of construction in mind.

In today’s world time is critical and although our busy roads need to be resurfaced, multiple layer reconstruction can lead to prolonged road closures. In addition, damage to underlying layers can lead to further delays and spiraling costs.


✓   High deformation resistance
✓   High stiffness
✓   Excellent heat retention
✓   Rapid replacement of surface
      and binder course layers
✓   Excellent durability 
✓   Reduced contract time and cost

Utilising the latest in stone mastic asphalt technology, VIACOURSE® has been designed to replace surface, regulating or binder courses in a single pass. VIACOURSE® can be laid between 50mm and 80mm thick, eliminating the need for multi layer surfacing which can be both costly and time consuming.

VIACOURSE® offers excellent rut resistance and stiffness by using a larger 20mm nominal size aggregate, and also achieves the textured surface requirements for high speed skid resistance. 

Our single layer solution also addresses a common cause of pot holes caused by traditional pavement construction. Typically a horizontal joint would be required between the binder course and surface course layers which presents an inherent risk to the ingress of water. With VIACOURSE® this joint is eliminated thus improving the overall structural durability of the road pavement.

VIACOURSE® also provides a carbon foot print reduction for a project by requiring less fuel use during the paving operation, less tack coat/bond coat and lower on-site wastage.

Our ECO and ECO+ Asphalt products offer further performance enhancements to the VIA range, as well as our standard asphalts.  


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All of our asphalts conform to the latest European standards and are designed for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as specific applications. For more information on this industry leading product please call our sales team on 0345 155 6367
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