ViaBase Stone Mastic Asphalt Binder Course

VIABASE® - Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) Binder Course

VIABASE® is an innovative SMA binder course that provides a cost effective, performance driven solution to modern road maintenance strategies.

As thin surfacing systems have become more widespread in their use, maintenance strategies have undergone a subtle change. Surface dressing has declined significantly in the UK and with local authorities having to take on an increased burden of highway management and maintenance, new, more cost effective approaches are being adopted.

VIABASE® is a high performance binder course for use when thicker, older type surfacing is replaced with modern thin surface course systems such as VIATEX® or VIAPAVE®.

✓   Cost effective solution for binder course and regulating course under Viatex or Viapave
✓   Rut resistant
✓   Conserves High PSV aggregate
✓   Waterproof layer


VIABASE® is designed to have a low controlled level of air voids achieved through a design procedure in the laboratory and when compacted provides an impermeable waterproofing layer. It can be compacted easily in thin layers unlike conventional materials. It displays the same anti-rutting characteristics as the thin surfacing system it is designed to complement.

VIABASE® provides the ‘sandwich filling’ between an existing sound base and a new thin surface course.It represents a viable approach to providing adequate regulation and is particularly appropriate where, for example, a failed surface course (such as Hot Rolled Asphalt incorporating pre-coated chippings) has to be removed and difficult and varying thicknesses of material have to be replaced.

For example, where 50mm of worn out surface has to be replaced, VIABASE® bridges the gap between the thin surface course (normally 15mm to 40mm) and the sound base or substrate to be improved.

VIABASE® represents an ideal, low deformation, regulating medium and as such provides a cost effective solution to the problems presented to engineers in such circumstances.

It is appropriate for use on bridge-decks as it can be laid in thicknesses from as little as 10mm up to60mm, when a 20mm nominal size aggregate is used.Highways Agencies and Local Authorities also use VIABASE® on motorways and trunk roads, particularly under thin surfacing.

Where road maintenance and repair requires planing out a worn surface, it often means planing to a depth of 50 – 60mm. To replace this with just a surface course containing high PSV aggregate is costly and wasteful of the diminishing reserves of this aggregate.VIABASE® provides an answer with a high quality SMA material that will regulate and provide sound base on which to lay the thin surface course. High PSV aggregate only needs to be used in the thin surface course, reducing its use by approximately 50%.


VIABASE® is a stone mastic asphalt binder course consisting of a limestone aggregate, sand, filler, cellulose fibres and a bitumen binder. The aggregate is more continuously graded than it would be for a thin surface course system, because it is not necessary for VIABASE® to provide surface texture.

VIABASE® satisfies the Highways Agency’s requirements for SMA binder and regulating courses given in Clause 937 of the Specification for Highway Works.

Our ECO and ECO+ Asphalt products offer further performance enhancements to the VIA range, as well as our standard asphalts.  


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