A great reception - the unique concrete desk

A great reception - the unique concrete desk

30 October 2017

Visitors to AKTII in the White Collar Factory in East London cannot help but notice the unique, stylish reception desk as they enter the offices. The desk was conceived in partnership with CEMEX and incorporates cutting edge developments in concrete.

“We have recently moved into new offices at the White Collar Factory, a cutting edge office building in terms of its approach to sustainability and modern office design. There is a lot of exposed concrete, polished finished pillars and timber slats in formwork showing exemplar work in traditional concrete construction approaches.

“Within these surroundings we wanted visitors to get a feeling of innovation, experimental, and cutting edge material use, reflecting our approach to design, combining tradition with innovation to maximise a material’s potential.

“The reception desk showcases what high performance concrete can do and how fabric formwork can be used in shape generation and high quality exposed finishes- it combines function, innovation in material and fabrication and performance as a traditional desk space. It’s a working area but a stylish working area,” comments Ed Moseley, Design Director AKTII.

The project originated after executives from AKT II were introduced to the concrete technology developed by the CEMEX Global R&D team, located in Switzerland. The inspiration behind the co-created design of the desk, was drawn from the versatility and malleability of the material, together with the modern ambience already set in the AKT II offices.

“Collaborating with AKT II on this project, gave us the opportunity to push the boundaries of the innovative technologies we have been developing. We were able to present concrete in a new light and explore new fabrication techniques that, when combined together, produced an element in which one would not expect to find such material,” stated Davide Zampini, Head of CEMEX Global R&D.

The reception desk uses ultra-high-performance concrete with fibre reinforcement which enables it to have fluid curves and embedded texture. Lightweight concrete and water-repellent technology were also used in the creation of the desk.

This everyday piece of furniture makes a unique statement and highlights the amazing possibilities of the world’s most consumed manmade product.

AKTII is a London-based firm of structural and civil engineering consultants. CEMEX R&D, Innovation and Business Development projects are part of the global R&D collaboration network, headed by CEMEX Research Centers, based in Switzerland.

For further CEMEX details contact Elizabeth Young; email: Elizabeth.young@cemex.com t: 01932 583214.

  • More high resolution photographs of different aspects of the reception desk are available
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  • The AKTII concrete reception desk The AKTII concrete reception desk


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