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Thank you Debbie

08 March 2017

Last week we received this email from a grateful member of the public because Debbie at Shap Quarry helped her and her daughter out: 

"I want to send a very big ‘thank you’ to a member of your staff who works at your Shap depot. Last Friday, just after midday, I was travelling along the A6 from Shap with my daughter when her car caught fire.

"A member of your staff was travelling along the road at the same time and stopped to help and stayed with us until the fire brigade arrived. She was an absolute star and really helpful, calling the fire brigade when they didn’t arrive quickly and helping to stop the traffic from driving past a vehicle that was about to explode.

"She could see how upset we both were and even offered us a cup of tea back at the office before we headed off on the long drive to Manchester." Well done!

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