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Team Asphalt Pull Up Trees

28 September 2017

Recently an ‘elite group’ took part in another Lend-A-Hand for the RSPB.

Going with a motto of “Go Big – Or Go Home” the Asphalt hit squad embarked on a day of hard graft and a lot of banter!

John Beard continues: “The mission was to help clear a field of scrub, weeds and unwanted trees at a small satellite site close to the Wetlands Nature Reserve in Barnsley, to help further develop the site for the RSPB.

"This was duly done and Karen Williams, co-ordinator for us on the day, was really impressed by the effort put in by everyone. Thanks to everyone who turned up on the day – many of whom travelled considerable distance to get there.

"In the photo is myself, Libby Simmons, Mark Eley, Paul Carey, Colin Burdett, Miranda Dunsden, Philip Repton, Steve Taylor, Jason Barker and Paul Dale. Big thanks to Libby and Miranda for taking time from their busy schedules to help"

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