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As part of our sustainable goals, CEMEX is increasingly involved in the supply of recycled and secondary materials to compliment its product range. This includes recycled aggregates and asphalt, which not only conserves and reduces the use of natural resources, but also provides environmental benefits by minimising waste.

CEMEX recycles and reuses secondary materials from demolitions and other sources. As part of this, the use of recycled asphalt and road planning is a major area of activity. In addition to the company’s commitment to sustainable construction solutions, CEMEX works with clients to maximise existing resources on brownfield sites, using recycled materials and the existing infrastructure where possible. CEMEX also has experience in soil stabilisation work, using different cement materials.

Blended Cements - CEMEX provides blended cement, which is made using a blend of traditional cement and fly ash as a substitute. It has performance and environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions and saving the use of raw materials for future generations.  » See More

Permeable Paving/ Uni-Ecoloc -  CEMEX has developed Uni-Ecoloc, a high performance Concrete Block Permeable Paving (CBPP) system which allows water to drain through voids filled with granular material. The system is designed to drain water in a more sustainable fashion than conventional techniques.

Alternative Fuels and CEMEX

The use of alternative fuels to replace traditional fossil fuels is a key pillar of our carbon strategy as it contributes to significantly reduce our overall CO2 emissions.  View

Building a better Future

There's more to us than meets the eye.  View

CEMEX - Building a sustainable future

At CEMEX we have developed a sustainability model that is embedded in our business strategy and day-to-day operations. Learn more and see examples of how we lead our industry by building a sustainable future, today.  View

Sublime Nature

CEMEX Nature Book Series: “Sublime Nature: Photographs that Awe and Inspire”  View

Building the Future
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