Successful Javelin Park Pour for Energy from Waste Plant
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Successful Javelin Park Pour for Energy from Waste Plant

27 July 2017

Last Tuesday CEMEX Readymix Area 20 completed a 650m3 pour for John Graham Construction for the new Energy from Waste Plant in Gloucestershire.

The pour was comprised of 2 mixes, a C45 DC4 and a C45 DC4 Caltite. CEMEX had to dual supply both mixes to two different pumps from three different plants and with a 4am start – the challenge was set.

With great collaboration between Operations, Technical, Shipping, Aggregates and Cement the pour went swimmingly well and was completed by 3pm.

A big thank you goes to Lee Charles Mills (Moreton), William Charles, Morgan Steadman (Cheltenham), Sarah Meredith (Shipping) and Gary Clark (Wickwar) for all their hard work and positive attitude.

John Graham Construction were extremely happy with the supply and now the preparation begins for the 24 hour Slipform and additional large pours in the coming weeks.

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